Northwood University | Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall 2023 | 5.00)

Northwood University | Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall 2023 | 4.73)

Northwood University | Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall 2023 | 4.98)

Middle Tennessee State University | Principles of Macroeconomics (Spring 2023 | 4.82)

Middle Tennessee State University | Principles of Macroeconomics (Fall 2022 | 4.81)

Selected Comments

Prof. Benzecry made the class fun! We had time during class to do activities that helped us better understand the material.

• Professor Benzecry is one of, (if not the best) teachers I've ever had. He is so passionate about his area of expertise, it's impossible to not be drawn in during his lectures, and for me this makes learning effortless. 11/10. He is a credit to the prestige of this institution.

• He is very proficient in elaborating. Amazing professor overall.

• Such a great professor. It is very clear that he is passionate about teaching. It truly showed that he cared.

• Was a fantastic teacher and gave me a great understanding of Macroeconomics.

• Mr. Benzecry made every class interesting. He made sure we had a true understanding of the subjects he taught.

• Professor Benzecry is extremely passionate about economics, so students are very engaged in his lessons. The homework outside of class is reasonable and effective.

• Very engaging to listen to, made complex concepts easy to understand, fun activities that involved the entire class, readings outside of class that were engaging, etc.

• Gabriel Benzecry made macroeconomics my favorite class of the semester. He made each day very interactive and broke things down to a molecular level to ensure each student understood the material. When something was not understood, he would make sure to start from square one and explain it in a different way to make sure he was tailoring his teaching style to different learning styles. He is an incredible educator, and it is even more impressive that he is fresh out of his master's program.

• Prof. Benzecry is very passionate and very knowledgeable on the class topics. the organization and presentations of the lectures were easy to follow along with and engaging.

• It would be a shame if MTSU doesn't try to retain him as a full-time professor.

• Professor Benzecry was energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about the subject.

• He knows and enjoys economics. His enthusiasm for economics has influenced me. Super courteous, nice guy, and excellent teacher. He is great at answering concerns and clarifying complex things. It takes some work to soak in the material in class, but he really helps you understand the material.

• Professor Benzecry responded to emails quickly with helpful information. The most important information of the lesson was clearly communicated.

• He was very interactive with the class compared to any other teacher so far that I had. I was genuinely invested in his teaching because he made it interactive with games, class examples, snacks, etc.

• Very knowledgeable in the subject and cares about students learning the material.

• He cares a lot about the subject and does his best to make sure everyone is invested.

• He has very great teaching skills.